Lux Cars Chicago

What our clients are saying:

I bought a CL500 Mercedes from them in October.  Have had issues that I fixed along the way nothing major.  Just got a call from the Mercedes Dealership that I took it to for another repair and come to find out that they car is in such bad shape I'm lucky I was able to get the 5000 miles I put on it since October.  There are so many issue on the car that they said ... there is no way that the dealership I bought this from didn't know that as soon as they put it on the computer it started to go crazy with issues (ABC system, Transmission on an on)  It would cost more than the car is worth to fix.  They actually recommended that I junk the car.So word of advice to anyone thinking of buying a car from Lux Cars...take it to a reputable dealership and pay the $155 to have them do a diagnostic.  I just lost 10's of thousands of dollars.Update:  Car is worth nothing and not worth fixing even at a local mechanic.  I called Lux and talked to my salesman Daniel and they have graciously offered to take back the car on a trade-in if I buy another car.  Considering that the recommendations that I received was to send it to a junk yard I'm good with there offer.  I apprecaite them talking with me and offering me another option and standing behind the sale.  Daniel is a great salesman with great customer service I recommend contacting him if you find your dream car on their lot.    Thank you!
Sharon P. Elmwood Park, IL