Lux Cars Chicago

What our clients are saying:

I changed jobs and I was in need of a car quickly. So I started with a web search and found the car I wanted at the most reasonable price at this dealer. I did call spoke with with the owner he was very nice and walked me through all the numbers right upfront which is exactly what I needed . No haggling ,no awkward back-and-forth, which I really appreciated. I sent in ... in my preapproval and by the time I got there all I needed to do was to test drive and he finalized the paperwork . They did not try to sell me anything extra on my loan that I didn't want ...which unfortunately has happened to me before . He told me very directly I'm not gonna tell you anything extra if you want anything extra you will tell me . So basically I knew exactly what I needed to pay even before I got there . I felt like I could trust these guys. And in the meantime while I was waiting for my paperwork and the staff there was very friendly and kind to the fact that I had a rambunctious three-year-old. I've had experience with many different places and in my opinion this one is definitely a good one to go to.
Coraly RN